Daily Archives: 2 July 2020

Outing Booking

Please see the following short video (click the link if the video below doesn’t work or you can’t get it to show in full screen mode): https://members.invernessrowing.uk/Outings/Outing.mp4

Key Points:-
(0:07) Select “Week” to make it easier to select time of your outing
(0:10) Drag to select your 2 hour slot
(0:16) It is essential you select “Outings” otherwise other people will not see your booking
(0:25) Check boxes – adjust time if necessary
(0:30) Enter your boat and name in the box
If you want to make changes
(1:05) Drag to new day/time
(1:14) Double click for if you want to adjust by typing
(1:35) Change duration by dragging bottom boundary
(1:44) Delete outing

Outings can be booked either by clicking on “Booking” above or clicking here

All members must abide by the guidance document issued by Robert: IRC COVID-19 Phase 2 guidelines