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Regatta News Feb 2019

On behalf of Regatta Organisers, Visiting Crews, Umpires…
Great Event, Fun Days, Superb racing, Fast Times, Cake Bacon Butties Soup – Yum, Super Smiley faces ALL ROUND WINNERS

Hopefully see a good few of you at the Boathouse on Sunday morning (24th) at 11am

Boathouse Development Plans & Consultation

Let if you are coming along.


Hazel G

Regatta Rota

Hello Everyone

The Rota for Jobs for our upcoming Regatta weekend is attached.

As you can see everyone that has let me know they can help out has a job (perhaps even 2) – if anyone has been missed come and see me first thing Saturday Morning and I will give you something to do (no need to feel shy).

If there are any parents / juniors available and are at a loose end come to regatta control at any point and we can find you a task, many hands make light work.

Please bring your lovely cakes tray bakes sandwiches filled rolls etc to the Tea Tent first thing each morning, if you can spare ½ an hour make yourself known to the Tent Folk and they can then fit you in to help out.

Remember to wrap up warmly, put on your smiley welcoming faces – they are great for all to see ?

See you all Saturday,

Hazel G

Ps. Friday Morning Crew see you all at 10am sharp – to put up the Tents

Club Meeting 10th February 2019 – 10:45am

Calling all members.

Can you make time to pop down to the Boatshed this Sunday morning at 10:45 am to have a quick pre regatta get together.

Planning for a successful event!

Tea Tent Donations – please bring your scrummy cakes, filled up sandwiches etc etc to the Tea Tent first thing Saturday 16th from 9am.

See as many of you as possible this Sunday.

Hazel G

Jobs Rota

Hello Everyone

Please find attached a rough Rota for the event this weekend. If I’ve missed anyone that has volunteered please just come and fill in the gaps.

If I’ve given you a task you are not sure about, please ask someone who has been involved before and they will help & point you in the right direction.

A few names have been pencilled into the Tea Tent Rota – however I am looking for anyone feeling generous with their time to step in and help when able.

I think that the tent will be under siege and all hands Young & Old are needed and welcomed.

If I forget to say to everyone here is my THANK YOU (IN ADVANCE)

Hazel G

Regatta Planning Briefings

Information and briefing meetings Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th Nov.

Just a wee reminder to IRC members that Regatta Organisers need you to come to the briefings to get involved in the safe and effective running of our Head weekend.

There will be Marshalling plan discussion, Timing Team brief and Rota organised for the Tea Tent.

Looking forward to catch up Saturday 12.15 and Sunday 11am.

Let’s Go TEAM IRC?