Incident Reporting

Please complete this online form to report any accident, collision or capsize, especially those involving injury to persons or damage to equipment. When completed the form will be forwarded to club’s safety officer, who may also share the details of any incident with the club’s trustees.

Please enter contact details of person reporting the incident

List club members, other rowers (and their clubs) plus third parties involved in the incident
Please give a full description of the incident - include weather and water conditions
List any injuries, who suffered any injury. If any medical treatment given state the treatment given, who by and where the treatment was given.
Detail any damage sustained by boat(s) or to other equipment/property
Add any additional comments or useful information, e.g. list of witnesses and their contact details
Suggest any actions you consider could be taken to avoid a repeat of this incident
Please upload any documents about the incident eg drawings/diagrams/photographs