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New Bridge – Transit Procedure

Following discussion with Scottish Canals, this note sets out the rules that club members must follow to ensure that IRC boats can safely transit under the new and old swing bridges.

Scottish Canals are treating the space between the bridges as a lock, i.e. they expect powered craft to travel slowly and have limited room for manoeuvre in the space between the bridges. When windy, boats will be required to tie up when one bridge is closed and the other is opened.

For IRC, this means that our boats must not attempt to go under either bridge for the (possibly) 20 minutes it may take for powered craft to transit through the bridges.

As we do not carry radios we are not able to contact the bridge operators to inform then of our intentions. However, the bridge operators will have good visibility via CCTV and line of sight from the control tower and will keep a look out for us.

To avoid there being any scope for confusion (which could end up with one of our boats getting into difficulty with craft heading towards us in the limited space between the bridges), all IRC crews must adhere to the following set of rules:-

1. As before, IRC boats should never attempt to follow other craft through the bridges when open.

2. Amber flashing lights have been installed on both bridges – we can only proceed under the bridges when these lights are turned off.
Flashing lights means that the road and bridge management process has started and one of the bridges will be opened imminently. The bridge operator’s attention will be on controlling the road and canal traffic at this time and they will not be able to wait for us to pass through.

3. IRC crews should not go within 50m of either bridge unless they intend to go under that bridge.
We must turn quickly when doing several pieces “under the bridge” or when coming back to the boathouse from Dochgarroch so that the operator has a clear understanding of our intention.
All work pieces must be finished well before either bridge so that crews do not stop to catch their breath before turning. On the Dochgarroch side, this means before the boathouse. On the Muirton side, this means before the set of pontoons that are adjacent to the caravan site entrance.

4. IRC crews must only go under a bridge if they intend to travel the full distance and go under the second bridge.
No one should turn or stop between the bridges and we should use reasonable efforts to transit quickly.

For their part, Scottish Canals will check that there are none of our boats between the bridges and allow them to complete their transit before they start bridge operations.

Amend Outing

Short video clip above to demonstrate how to use the bookings system to let us know whether you will attend an outing.

Three sections:-
1. Confirm you will attend – select the outing and then the attend/maybe/decline option
2. See other people’s decision – select the outing and then click on the text above the relevant button (in this case the maybes)
3. Change your mind – select the outing, your current choice has a tick against it, select your revised choice

Updated Guidance

The latest guidance to allow rowing at IRC is available here:- IRC COVID-19 Phase 3 guidelines
The main changes are inclusion of information for crew boats and coxes.

To confirm you plan to attend an outing follow the process in this video (The original video that shows how to make a booking can be found by scrolling down the page):-

Outing Booking

Please see the following short video (click the link if the video below doesn’t work or you can’t get it to show in full screen mode):

Key Points:-
(0:07) Select “Week” to make it easier to select time of your outing
(0:10) Drag to select your 2 hour slot
(0:16) It is essential you select “Outings” otherwise other people will not see your booking
(0:25) Check boxes – adjust time if necessary
(0:30) Enter your boat and name in the box
If you want to make changes
(1:05) Drag to new day/time
(1:14) Double click for if you want to adjust by typing
(1:35) Change duration by dragging bottom boundary
(1:44) Delete outing

Outings can be booked either by clicking on “Booking” above or clicking here

All members must abide by the guidance document issued by Robert: IRC COVID-19 Phase 2 guidelines

Marshalling Documents

Can everyone who is down for marshalling this weekend please read the following information?  Please email of you have any questions.

Word documents: (First a document that contains all the information and then a sub-set; one for each colour group)



Powerpoint documents (also available on the events site):

Full Resolution
Lower resolution

Marshalling Documents

Can everyone who is down for marshalling this weekend please read the following information?  Please email of you have any questions.

Word documents: (First a document that contains all the information and then a sub-set; one for each colour group)

Powerpoint Diagrams:



Outings – Instructions for Use

  1. Click on “Outings” in the top menu and sign in (if you haven’t used the remember me option).  If you have forgotten your chosen username then use your registered email address instead / use the password reset link if need be.
  2. The default view is the club’s calendar – click on an outing and then select “Attend”, “Maybe” or “Decline”.  You can see who else is coming (or not) by clicking on the number of responses tallied for each option.
  3. The “Dashboard” option provides information on outings that have recently been added and questions/polls that have been posted by club members (e.g. Anyone available for an outing at 18:00 next Wednesday?).  Feel free to respond.
  4. Boat bookings can be made from the calendar – click on the day you want to ensure a boat is available, then follow the on-screen prompts.  The “Profile Calendar” should be set to “Club Members”, put the boat you want to reserve in the event title and use “Boat Booking” for the “Event Type”.   Note that bookings can only be made outside standard club sessions.
  5. The weekly club sessions should update automatically and cover the next 6 weeks.
  6. If you want to ask a general question then go to “My Spaces->Club Members” and fill in the box at the top or click on polls to start a new poll.

Please note that we do not use the personal information that can be added under “Account Settings” (found by clicking on your username at the top right) so don’t add any of this information.  You can change the email notification settings etc. if you want.

If you are a club member and have not received an email inviting you to join then please get in contact with Dave R.