Updated Guidance

The latest guidance to allow rowing at IRC is available here:- IRC COVID-19 Phase 3 guidelines
The main changes are inclusion of information for crew boats and coxes.

To confirm you plan to attend an outing follow the process in this video (The original video that shows how to make a booking can be found by scrolling down the page):-

Outing Booking

Please see the following short video (click the link if the video below doesn’t work or you can’t get it to show in full screen mode): https://members.invernessrowing.uk/Outings/Outing.mp4

Key Points:-
(0:07) Select “Week” to make it easier to select time of your outing
(0:10) Drag to select your 2 hour slot
(0:16) It is essential you select “Outings” otherwise other people will not see your booking
(0:25) Check boxes – adjust time if necessary
(0:30) Enter your boat and name in the box
If you want to make changes
(1:05) Drag to new day/time
(1:14) Double click for if you want to adjust by typing
(1:35) Change duration by dragging bottom boundary
(1:44) Delete outing

Outings can be booked either by clicking on “Booking” above or clicking here

All members must abide by the guidance document issued by Robert: IRC COVID-19 Phase 2 guidelines

Wobble Cam

Some pics and video from Steve B as he says

“Here’s a couple of still shots and short clip from ‘wobble cam’ taken during one of our medium rating high pressure pieces. You can see that if I can mount the camera so it doesn’t wobble this will be a good angle for coaching analysis…”

We also have a couple of clips from Jude taken from a more traditional angle:

Marshalling Documents

Can everyone who is down for marshalling this weekend please read the following information?  Please email nov2019@invernessrowing.club of you have any questions.

Word documents: (First a document that contains all the information and then a sub-set; one for each colour group)



Powerpoint documents (also available on the events site):

Full Resolution
Lower resolution

Wednesday Evening Club Sessions 6:30

Now that Heather’s Wednesday strength and conditioning sessions have ended, I’ve added a weekly club session to the members calendar for 6:30 each Wednesday so we can enjoy some evening rowing.

The format of will depend on numbers but could be some quad racing from the weir or maybe some lazy evenings enjoying a tranquil paddle to Dochgarroch.

It would be useful to get some idea of the number of people who will be coming along so please let us know on the member website – the link to tomorrow’s session is:-

AGM: 14th April

The club will hold its AGM on 14th April at 11am – see attached agenda.  Venue will be advised later.
The minutes from last year’s meeting are too large to email (as they include the architect’s report that Roy presented) so I’ve put them on the members’ website.  They can be accessed from the following link (you will need to log into the system to gain access):- members.invernessrowing.uk/outings/index.php?r=cfiles%2Fbrowse%2Findex&fid=5&sguid=9283c1cb-a25f-43d8-88d4-dfd2f555cca5

Regatta News Feb 2019

On behalf of Regatta Organisers, Visiting Crews, Umpires…
Great Event, Fun Days, Superb racing, Fast Times, Cake Bacon Butties Soup – Yum, Super Smiley faces ALL ROUND WINNERS

Hopefully see a good few of you at the Boathouse on Sunday morning (24th) at 11am

Boathouse Development Plans & Consultation

Let secretary@invernessrowing.uk if you are coming along.


Hazel G

Tents (Friday at 10) and Marshalls (Saturday & Sunday at 9:30)

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be putting up the tents tomorrow (Friday) starting at 10am and hopefully finishing by 11:30. Please come along if you are available.

I have also attached details of how we will organise crews at the start this year.  Can all start marshals please read over this before Saturday?

Can I ask everyone who is down on the rota to be a start marshal to come to the event briefing at 9:30 each morning and then stay behind after that so that we can allocate people to marshalling groups and answer any questions you may have on the marshalling plan?

Regatta Rota

Hello Everyone

The Rota for Jobs for our upcoming Regatta weekend is attached.

As you can see everyone that has let me know they can help out has a job (perhaps even 2) – if anyone has been missed come and see me first thing Saturday Morning and I will give you something to do (no need to feel shy).

If there are any parents / juniors available and are at a loose end come to regatta control at any point and we can find you a task, many hands make light work.

Please bring your lovely cakes tray bakes sandwiches filled rolls etc to the Tea Tent first thing each morning, if you can spare ½ an hour make yourself known to the Tent Folk and they can then fit you in to help out.

Remember to wrap up warmly, put on your smiley welcoming faces – they are great for all to see 😉

See you all Saturday,

Hazel G

Ps. Friday Morning Crew see you all at 10am sharp – to put up the Tents